Top Feminist Jams That Will Crush The Patriarchy

You’re walking to class with your AirPods in, feeling slightly annoyed about your 9 a.m. Here’s something that could help: Try ditching your typical playlist, for one that is empowering, catchy and little bit witty. 


The following songs are true feminist works of art.

  1. 1. Just A Girl by No Doubt by Gwen Stefani

    This song takes a satirical approach in telling off the patriarchy. Singer, Gwen Stefani, totally nails the message of equality with her stunning voice.

  2. 2. 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

    Its beat is simple, yet captivating. When listening to the lyrics, some might think that the message is a bit narcissistic or showy, but I think it goes a little bit deeper than that. When I listen to the song, I think of a woman who worked extremely hard to overcome a patriarchal business and achieve financial success.

  3. 3. That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony

    This is true sisterhood song. It’s all about women uplifting each other, in a world that is overwhelmingly sexist.

  4. 4. Fighter by Christina Aguilera 

    Knowing your worth can help put an end to a toxic relationship, showing your strength and resilience.

  5. 5. None of Your Business by Salt-N-Pepa

    Basically, we’re sick of the sexual double standard. Guys who have multiple partners are often called “players” or “ladies men,” while girls who engage in the same behavior are looked upon with shame. This song gracefully tells society to buzz off.

  6. 6. Don’t Call Me Up by Mabel

    If he’s not treating you like the queen that you are, leave him on read. Forever.

  7. 7. Woman by Kesha, The Dap-Kings Horns

    This song empowers women and lets us know that we inevitably rock. We don’t need anybody’s validation. This song will automatically put you in a good mood.

  8. 8. Girls Night Out by Charli XCX

    This is a must for when you’re getting ready to go out to the bar with your girl gang.

  9. 9. Might Not Like Me by Brynn Elliott 

    A lot of guys don’t like when girls can show them who’s boss at something. Basically, tell them to get over it.

  10. 10. Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé

    The title says it all.

Hopefully these songs will help make your walks to class more fun. Happy jamming, collegiettes!