Top 15 Guilty Pleasures

We always tend to judge other people. It’s impossible not to sometimes, and for some people judging is their favorite pastime – a hobby, if you will. But we should never dare to judge the guilty pleasures we all hold dear to our hearts. The ones we always surrender to, and perhaps never even admit to.

A secret affair only you know about, the following are your 15 guilty pleasures:


1. Re-reading old texts.

Scrolling through those goodnight texts with your guy or those hilarious rants your friends have sent, you suddenly find yourself back in August 2008.


2. Listening to old Disney songs.

Sometimes we go crazy enough and even listen to old theme songs.


3. Wearing the same makeup the next morning.


“Okay, so I call this the ‘smoky eye’ look.”


4. Watching that next episode on Netflix, knowing full well you have exams to study for.

“I have four exams to study for? What if I watch four episodes instead?”


5. Re-thinking how a good memory went, over and over and over again.

You just can’t stop replaying it in your head like a favorite song.


6. Taking screenshots of ugly FaceTime scenes of your friends.

So there she is, balancing a pen on her head. How can you not take a screenshot?


7. Listening to Christmas music all year round.

“All I want for Christmas… is for people to stop judging me for my love of Christmas music.”


8. Stalking your own photos on social media.

Okay, so this doesn’t make sense, but sometimes you like to stalk yourself and pretend you’re a neutral third-party observer… don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


9. Talking in a weird voice to any cute animal.


I can’t tell you how annoying it sounds to other people, but how do you stop it?


10. Re-gifting birthday presents.

“Why waste it on myself when she might like it better? Also, I’m broke.”


11. Narrating life in your mind like you’re on a TV show.

“And so she gave the girl a glare. XOXO, Gossip Girl.”


12. Eating midnight snacks as if your body won’t notice.

“If my body’s laying down, it might think it’s sleeping… so then it won’t realize I’m eating, and therefore I won’t gain 60 pounds…”


13. Canceling plans… just to sleep.

You just have to put yourself first sometimes.


14. Imagining 50 different comebacks to a situation that has long since passed.

It might be a week after that girl said something rude to you, but there you are, imagining only now what you should have said then. You may or may not practice these in the mirror as well.


15. Some days, just not giving a care in the world about anything.

If it were any other day, you would’ve done something. But today, nah…

It's okay collegiettes, we've all been there!