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Tips to Cope with Senioritis, Because We Know It’s Hitting You Hard

Senioritis is a plague and it’s hitting us hard. The best way to knock senioritis is to beat it before it beats you. After three years of schoolwork, it can be hard to give it your all senior year. Our focuses have shifted away from school to real life, we’re now applying to real jobs and planning our futures. Here are 5 tips to help you cope with this infectious disease & rock your senior year. 


Make Your Syllabus Your Best Friend

The best way to get over senioritis is to be aware of what is coming up in your classes. Get a cute notebook or planner and go ham. Write the due dates for all upcoming assignments and exam dates. With this method, you can keep track of what your week looks like and get your work done, stress free. 


Prioritize Your Time

Put hard work into things that matter to you. You’re in charge of your future and it’s beginning sooner than you think. Fix up your resume, apply to a job that seems out of reach, or put extra time into your favorite hobby. The possibilities are endless. Get things done early to reduce your workload, it’s the homestretch, you got this.


Take Advantage of Your Surroundings & Do Something New

Although Penn State seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, the town offers great things to do outside of class. Discover new restaurants downtown and try something new on the menu. Take a stroll around the Arboretum and listen to your favorite music. Go out with your friends and take pictures for the ~mems~. Most importantly, discover something new that makes you happy, after all it is your last year. 


Create Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits will reduce stress in your life. Prioritize your sleep schedule. Get active in a way that you enjoy. Penn State offers plenty of fun classes in gyms across campus that will help you get fit your favorite way. Go grocery shopping and cook for yourself. Cooking for yourself will help you save money and it doesn’t have to be hard. Look at Pinterest for healthy or comfort meal ideas and get creative in the kitchen. 


Stay Motivated

If you’re infected with senioritis this one will be a true challenge. However, if you prioritize your workload and keep a good mindset you will get through it. 


Thankfully, senioritis is a non-life threatening disease. Find your happy place here at State and you will get through this. Make the most of your last year in Happy Valley, you won’t get it back.

Carli is a junior at Penn State University studying journalism.
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