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TikTok Pages to Inspire Your Healthy Lifestyle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Spring is here, meaning we are well into the new year. So, you may need some inspiration to keep up with some healthy habits. 

Look no further than Tik Tok to inspire you to help you reach your goals. Whether it be healthy food recipes or beginner workouts, they have everything. 

Tiktok truly has become the hub for everything and anything you could have questions about. 

It can be overwhelming to find the pages to look for so here are my top five favorite healthy lifestyle-inspired accounts. 

Everything Delish

This account is at the top of my list for good recipe ideas.

Whenever it comes time to plan my meals I am at loss for ideas. This account has the best-looking recipes with a bunch of healthy alternatives for fan favorites. She also has a whole website complete with the exact recipes and instructions.

Be warned, once you start following her, you’ll be hooked. 


the ultimate game day dish – caprese pasta salad with crispy prosciutto 🫶 GO BIRDS! 🦅 #capresesalad #pastasalad #easyrecipe #gamedayfood #gamedayrecipes

♬ Fake ID X Walking On A Dream Carter Walsh Remix – CarterWalsh

Emily Hottinger Fit

Are you trying to start getting fit at the gym? Look no further than Emily Hottinger. 

If you are anything like me and are intimidated to start weight lifting, Emily does a whole series of beginner workouts to get you started. 

It can be scary to start doing exercises you have never done before but Emily does a bunch of videos about correct form and easily made mistakes. 


Workout details below//Had to go to planet to match the purple vibe😮‍💨 Wearing @aybl new FLARE collrction launching Tuesday the 10th 7pm GMT Workout details: • Kettle ball squtats 4×10 • Single-leg RDL’s 4×10 (each leg) • Bodyweight calf raises 3×20 • Kettle ball swings 4×10 #fitness #fittok #gymgirl #lowerbodyworkout

♬ Antarctica – $uicideboy$

Nutrition Babe

I was always hesitant to listen to “life coaches” on social media, but when I found this account I was very intrigued. 

She is a registered dietitian who has gone through her own health journey and gives helpful tips to stay healthy and motivated. 

She has tips on digestion, meal preps and any other type of question you may have. She even has creative recipes for healthy choices. 

Dr. Daniel Sugai

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to prioritize my skincare, though it was hard to know where to start. 

TikTok has so many fads that it makes it confusing to see which brands and products would actually help my skin. 

Dr. Daniel is a great place to start because he is a licensed dermatologist and shows the products that could really be beneficial and those that may be just for the trend. 


These are all accessible online and at your local stores. Affordable skincare wins 💪 #affordableskincare #drsugaiskincare #hyaluronicacidserum #retinol #vitamincserum #greenscreen

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

Meditation Moments

My weeks have been packed to the gills the past couple of weeks and it’s been hard to find time for myself to take a deep breath. 

I have never meditated in the past and looked to Tiktok to see how I could get started. I found this account and it was perfect. 

It helped me take some well-deserved moments of peace and taught me some helpful tips about breath control and how to be centered with yourself. 

I hope these accounts help you reach all the goals you have set for yourself. This a reminder to remember that you are beautiful and taking the first step to bettering yourself is the hardest part. 

You’re going to kill this glow-up!

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