THON Prep Series Part 3: What to Wear THON Weekend

THON means a weekend-long fashion statement, so achieving the perfect look can be a challenge. Fear not, we have you covered!

While at THON, it’s most important to be comfortable and cool, but we know you still want to look fun and cute, too. The key to finding the right outfit is to find something that is cute, but you can still move in it. Here are some ideas that will keep you looking great for THON weekend:

1. Tons of T-Shirts

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This is the time to embrace your organization’s merchandise. Pack as many t-shirts as possible. You will want to rotate through many outfits during THON Weekend to keep you feeling as pumped as possible.

2. Tutus

(Photo: Penn State News)

It’s a few days before THON, so finding some tutus that match your organization’s colors may be tough. You can typically find them at McClanahans or Wal-mart if they are not sold out, or you can make one really easily as well. Wear your tutu with leggings or shorts and a THON t-shirt and you’re all set!

3. Minimal Makeup

(Photo: Your Beauty Advisor)

The only thing worse than sweating in the BJC, is sweating off all of your makeup and looking like a raccoon in the BJC. For THON, it’s best to go natural.  If you’re more comfortable with something rather than no makeup at all, all you need is concealer, tinted moisturizer and some mascara.

4. Hot Loops or Bows  (in your committee’s or organization’s colors)

(Photo: Relay for Life of Penn State)

A hot loop headband or a bow can accessorize your look without much effort and added layers. You can also use a hotloop headband to pull back your hair when you are struggling for time. Bows are great for when you are wearing your hair up in a ponytail or half-up.

5. Fanny Pack

(Photo: Onward State)

Although you may not realize it until the weekend, fanny packs are essential!  It’s an easier way to carry around all of your necessities such as your money, ID, keys and snacks all in one place. You can even decorate your fanny pack with glitter fabric paint before the week to give it your own personal touch.

With these simple tips, you are sure to have the perfect outfit to complete your always perfect THON weekend. 

(Photo: Reading Eagle)