THON 2015 Prep Series Part One: How to Work Out if You’re a Dancer

THON is a physically-taxing event for everyone involved, even more so for dancers who are required to be on their feet for a full 46 hours. Since THON takes a toll on the body, it is important to prepare for this event. Elizabeth Elberfeld, a fitness instructor who was a dancer last year says the best way to prepare for this event is to, “try to work on being healthier” leading up to it.

To prepare, Elberfeld worked out five days a week and ran on a regular basis, but she said that it’s all about going at your own level and, “don’t go crazy or over do it.”

Jordan Garrigan, a junior and fitness instructor said, “It’s best to get a well-rounded approach.”

Elberfeld recommends working out at least three times a week. “Focus on building yourself up gradually and take it slow. I’ve seen so many people who go crazy on their workouts, and that’s not the right approach,” said Elberfeld.

Another good approach to starting a workout for THON is to do 30 minutes every other day. On rest days, you can do a calming activity such as yoga or Pilates, said Garrigan.

According to both of the fitness instructors, when building a workout routine, it’s best to focus on proper stretching, muscle conditioning, cardio and flexibility.

The fitness center on campus offers classes that focus on these different types workouts. According to their monthly calendar they have Power Remix classes, yoga and much more, which can all be used to prep for THON.

There are also two “THON Prep” classes that the fitness instructors teach at the White Building. This class is for those who have a fitness pass or for a small fee of $3 per class. Each class is 45 minutes and focuses on cardio, muscle conditioning and flexibility.

“The class is educational. We teach people how to stretch and what muscles will be used during THON,” said Elberfeld. They also teach how to work those muscles so they are strong for the best 46 hours of the year.

“It’s also nice to have someone tell you what to do, and it helps you stick to a routine,” said Garrigan.

Lastly, remember that stretching before and after your workout is just as important. A lot of stretches can also be done with a partner. It’s even fun to do these stretches during THON with your Dancer Relations committee member, said Elberfeld.

“One good stretch is to have the dancer lean over while the other person stretches out their arms. This stretches the lower back,” she said.

Other good stretches to do are hip flexor stretches and dynamic stretching where you move and stretch at the same time.

Remember to prep yourself for THON, and use these tips to succeed while dancing for 46 hours, for the cure and FOR THE KIDS!