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Things to Christmas Shop for at Drug Stores

Christmas shopping can be so expensive. In order to get the max stuff for cheap for everyone on your list, check out your local CVS or Walgreens first. Drugstores have lots to offer, here are the best things you could shop for there: 


Candy: A perfect gift to include for literally anyone is chocolate or candy. They have sour, sweet or savory. Drug stores have this for cheap and sometimes have good combo deals on them. 

Makeup: For your friend who loves makeup, drug stores have such large sections. Some people already love buying makeup at drug stores. It may not be Sephora but drug stores already have lots of name brands

Bath products: Drug stores have lots of bath products like loofahs, bath bombs and lovely shower soaps. For your friend who loves to feel clean, this would be perfect. 


Other beauty products: Drug stores have tons of face washes, pore strips and face masks. For your friend who always has glowing skin, this would be perfect. 

Food: For your friend who would rather give experiences than gifts, you could get a bunch of ingredients and make a fun snack or treat together. It might be easier to get a box mix of something that you could put your own twist on it and make it fun. 


Drugs stores have so much to offer. Why not look there first before doing the rest of your Christmas shopping and save a few bucks? 

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