There’s Nothing Old About Old Navy

I love clothes. I’m not a major fashionista with high-brand tops and jeans that cost hundreds of dollars, but I still love shopping. I shop online and try to find the most affordable stuff for the best quality. This is why I absolutely love Old Navy.

I’ve been shopping at Old Navy since I was a little kid. Going there with my mom and getting a new bouncy ball out of the little machine and trying on different sweaters was a highlight for me.

Even now, as my preferences have evolved and changed, Old Navy remains a staple in my wardrobe. The clothes are reasonably priced, so that even on a broke college student budget, I can still afford to look my best.

The clothes are timeless as well. I have everything from flannels to dresses to workout clothes.

People tend to sort of discount (pun intended) the store, thinking it’s for middle-aged moms shopping for their kids.

But have you really even seen this store?

There are walls of reasonably priced denim big enough to make you cry. Flip-flops in the summer practically cost pennies. The clearance section is like walking into a little slice of heaven, especially during this recent Black Friday when they were selling fuzzy socks for one dollar. One. Dollar. I’m not kidding.

I’ve never been anything but comfortable and confident in my Old Navy clothes, constantly getting compliments that leave me glowing. It’s let me compliment myself as well.

My mom and I shop there so much that we earn all kinds of rewards. The last time I went with her, we spent about five dollars on over one hundred dollars worth of merchandise.

So next time you’re shopping or just want something new, hit up your local Old Navy. I promise you won’t be disappointed.







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