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In the world of college romance, dating a “Brad” — a fraternity-affiliated gentleman — can be like stepping into a whirlwind of excitement and occasional turbulence.

With their charisma and tendency to study business, these Brads come in various shapes and sizes. They each represent a different chapter.

While not all Brads are the same, it’s essential to approach them with optimism but also awareness. Here’s a candid look at the perks and challenges of dating a frat boy.

We will call him, “Brad.”

A Package Deal: You, Brad and the Fraternity

Dating Brad means embracing his extended family – the fraternity. Imagine planning a cozy night in, only for a sudden frat event to sweep him away.

It’s not that Brad doesn’t care; it’s just that frat commitments are a top priority. It’s difficult to try and understand this balance that he has to deal with.

A Spirited Adventure, Any Day of the Week

While drinking and socializing are all part of the college experience, the Brads tend to turn it into an art form.

To the Brads, transforming their front yard into a beer olympics on a Mon. afternoon while wearing cut-off tank tops is completely normal behavior.

Their unofficial motto, “It’s not alcoholism until you graduate,” adds a touch of humor to their daily activities.

Basically, prepare for last-minute events and late-night calls that might require a translator.


Dating a Brad also means gaining entry to a large social circle.

You will undoubtedly get to know his close group of friends (his brothers), but you may also happen to cross paths with individuals who have had a romantic history with Brad.

Being around Brad’s previous partners, who are often part of the same Greek life social circle, can sometimes stir up feelings of insecurity or jealousy.

It’s natural to compare yourself in such situations, especially when you know they’ll likely be present at social gatherings and parties. These connections can add a layer of complexity to the relationship, but remember, you’re the one he is with now.

Try not to let the past interfere with the present.

The Larger-Than-Life Ego

Remember the Barbie movie? Imagine Ken taking over Barbie’s dream house; that’s the level of confidence we’re talking about when it comes to Brads.

Fraternity life often throws Brad into a world of competition and machismo. Dealing with this persona can be both intriguing and challenging at times.

It’s important to remember that, despite Brad’s confidence, he’s just like anyone else. He’s not superior to you, so don’t let him make you feel like his responsibilities are more important than yours.

Communication and Commitment: A Delicate Topic

Serious talks may not be Brad’s forte.

When faced with expectations, he might take a step back. For Brad, it’s often about living in the moment and going with the flow. Adjusting to this carefree attitude can be fun for a while, but make sure not to disregard your needs to align with Brad’s. 

While Brad may have entered your life through a lively party and assured you of how special you are (which you absolutely are), it’s important to remember that Brad may have different motives than you.

Always prioritize your own life, and embrace the valuable lessons that come with navigating the complexities of dating a frat boy.

Remember, college romance is all part of the journey, and life tends to play out how it should. Try not to take everything too seriously. Trust the process, and have fun!

Jaden is a second-year at Penn State who is majoring in Advertising and minoring in Digital Media Trends and Analytics.