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The 4 Horror Podcasts that Will Make You Wish You Never Learned English

It’s Fall, the creepiest of seasons, so if you’re not eating, sleeping, and breathing spooky, please leave the room for the season. As a child, I used to love having my mom read to me, mostly because I didn’t want to learn how to read. I knew I would be pretty, so why would I waste my time on something like reading?

Listening to podcasts takes me back to when I was young and I could just listen along to my mom, hoping I would never learn to read. Horror podcasts are my personal favorite and, as a tribute to my favorite season, I introduce you to the 4 scariest podcasts that rock me all throughout the year.

Welcome to Nightvale

One of my personal favorites, ‘Welcome to Nightvale’, was first created in 2012. The podcast chronicles the strange and cryptic town of Nightvale. Their stories play on a perfect mix of small-town gossip and a creepy atmosphere. Listening in will make you turn your head a couple of times over. They’ve got some interesting activities going on in that dog park.


Adding further to the list, we have ‘Knifepoint.’ The podcast really digs into the “telling you a scary story before you go to sleep” format. This podcast takes a more realistic stance than Nightvale’s more imaginative storytelling. The narrator, in a monotone voice, reveals the details of what is supposed to be “their” story. This realistic and solemn speaking narration, coupled with silence (music coming in only to reel you in at the most intense parts), makes it feel as if a real person has suffered the trauma that some of them expand on.

Scare You to Sleep

A special favorite in this list is “Scare You to Sleep.” This podcast has a bit of a competitive advantage. The attribute that makes it stand out is that the creator, Shelby Scott, makes her own sound effects. That’s right. You should NOT be eating while listening. The variety in blood-splooging sounds and bone-crushing noises will make your face tense up like you swallowed a bag of sour patch candy. And a couple of these stories are about kids, so this isn’t for your grandma.

Behind the Bastards

Finally, I would like to introduce “Behind the Bastards,” an unconventional horror podcast. Although their goal is not to scare you, It would be weird if you did not get a little terrified. “Behind the Bastards” is a history podcast that picks some of the worst people in human history and goes into details of their crimes. From war lords to RnB singers, the list goes on. This podcast will have you in existential crises, and those can get pretty terrifying.

Enjoy this fall, be so scared you pee your pants, and just know that English is a pretty weird language.

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