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The Tall Woman’s Jeans Shopping Guide

Shopping for comfortable, low-cost jeans is no easy feat for anybody. However, as someone who’s been over 5’7” since the age of 12, shopping for jeans took on another extra level of complexity when I realized most brands don’t sell tall jeans in-store or offered “tall” jeans that could still barely skim the top of my ankles. With the holiday season coming up, there are major sales going on and it’s the perfect time to try out some new companies. Here are a few tall-woman-approved jeans brands I’ve discovered in recent years that are cost-effective, stylish and suitable for different figures to definitely check out as sales go up.

American Eagle Outfitters

My absolute favorite and go-to, AEO offers different styles and cuts in tall that are super comfortable. I always buy skinny stretch jeans for a more comfortable and body-defining fit, but there are also looser mom jean styles that don’t get awkward side-bulges on the hips that other tall jeans brands often have. I’d recommend trying on a pair in-store to figure out sizing (if possible), then waiting for a sale online before purchasing. 


Personally, Levi’s jeans are the one pair of jeans that fit my body like no other. I would definitely recommend this for those with wider hips and curves. Not only this, but Levi’s is an eco-conscious brand that’s adamant on reducing waste. There are cool recycled pieces you can check out, along with an extensive array of styles, cuts, colors, and materials. Unless you manage to find a huge sale, though, the prices are usually very high. Although the quality and fit are worth the money, they’re not my top recommendation for someone on a college student budget.


On the pricier side, Gap also offers great styles that are tailored to a slightly more mature customer that’s not too concerned about current trends. You’ll find much less ripped jeans and colorful options. Nonetheless, they provide good quality jeans that fit long and last long. Not to forget, if you just generally have longer limbs, they’re a great source for sweaters, long-sleeves, dresses and skirts. I’d also recommend shopping for professional work attire here if you’re struggling to find good dress pants. 


A great option for jeans, skirts and dress pants, Express offers cute styles that you may not find elsewhere with a true long fit. There are some really flattering embellished, pleated jeans worth checking out and other cool options. Beware that some of these sizes may run small, though.

Fashion Nova

Although I haven’t purchased a pair of jeans from Fashion Nova myself, I’ve heard great things from close friends who are all above 5’9”. They usually also have large sales going on with prices you can’t find anywhere else (we’re talking in the ten to twenty dollar range, and sometimes even lower). I’ll definitely be giving this brand a try sometime in the near future.

Happy shopping Collegiettes!

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