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How to Survive Game Days: 101

Four Penn State home games In a row? How are we all doing? 

Yes, we’ve been winning (at least our home games), and yes we love game day. But, how are we going to prepare for the next home game this weekend? For me, I’d say I’m high-key struggling. There’s just so much that goes into one single game day weekend isn’t there?

  • When am I going to self tan? 
  • What am I going to wear?
  • Will I get all of my work done?
  • Am I really going to go out Thursday through Saturday… again?

Self Tan:

I hate being pale. And most of all, I hate when people try to act like they don’t like to self tan or question why I prioritize my tanning schedule over my statistics grade. When it’s a game day weekend coming up, I know I have to be looking like a bronzed goddess if I’m going to be strutting around State College in my cute game day outfit, so I usually like to tan on that Thursday. That way, I’m tan if I go out that night. However, I do sacrifice any productivity that Friday could have brought me, but hey, at least I’ll be tan.

What To Wear:

Finding a game day outfit has always been quite the debacle for me. It’s both stressful and exciting. No matter where you go to school, when it’s Saturday football and your school is on the field, you’ve got to be decked out head to toe in school spirit. I’d like to say that my outfits have progressively gotten better since my freshman year here at Penn State, but who knows if they actually have. It’s the same thing every time.

Catch me and my roommate frantically running down to McLanahan’s on Friday night or even Saturday morning in hopes of miraculously finding the perfect game day fit that will just maybe even get us noticed by one of the PSU football players.

Getting Your Work Done:

I’ve come to my own conclusion that I am the biggest procrastinator to walk the Penn State campus. It’s not that I’m a bad student or don’t care, because I definitely do. I just tend to leave things until literally the day before it’s due and am stuck cramming. You’d think I would’ve learned my ways around it by now. Well, not exactly.

I get everything done eventually, but I would save myself a whole lot of stress and stress snacking if I didn’t leave things for 20 minutes before the 11:59 p.m. submission on Canvas. When I know it’s a game day weekend, my game face is on. My work is getting done, and submitted by Thursday. By no means do I want to have to be grinding at any point on Saturday or even Sunday. Sunday = lazy day!

Going Out Thursday to Saturday:

We’ve all been there. Going out Thursday to Saturday is a real grind. That’s college right? For me, and honestly most of the people I know, Thursday is hands down the best night of the week. The weekend has begun and somehow I managed to only have one class on Fridays. English 202, bless you.

So, it’s Thursday night, and your phone is blowing up about what’s going on. If you’re like me, as we established, the biggest procrastinator ever, you’re thinking, “I have so much work I haven’t started, but I need to go out. What do I do?” Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned, if you are really drowning in work and can’t make it out, the FOMO will pass. If you can somehow pull yourself together, save the dreaded assignments for Friday, throw on a pair of jeans, a cute going out top and some chunky sneakers.

Now you’re set. It’s Friday, and if you’re like me again, you’re half regretting going out last night. Maybe it’s just the college pizza I ate at 2 a.m.? Probably. Anyways, now it’s Friday, and you’re thinking, “I’m just gonna chill tonight and rest up for tomorrow.” Subconsciously knowing you’ll probably be in jeans, a crop top and full makeup again by 9:30 p.m. Somehow you’ve made it to Saturday, you’re questioning how you’re alive and how you’re going to physically get out of bed for a full day of tailgating. You somehow push through and throw on your cute game day fit and roll out, because that’s college right?

It’s the Illinois game coming up this weekend on Oct. 23. Are we prepared at all? No. Do we have an outfit? Probably not. Is it still going to be so much fun? Most Definitely.

Third year student at PSU! From Long Island, New York!
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