Supply Logistics Captain: Katie Hueber

Every year, approximately 16,500 Penn State students gather at the Bryce Jordan Center to be a part of THON. However, for some students, THON begins long before the 46-hour event itself. One of these students, Katie Hueber, told us all about her involvement in the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. 


HC: What is your role in THON 2017?

KH: I am a Supply Logistics Captain. My position in Supply Logistics is the Special Projects Donor Contact. I was in charge of securing bill counters for Canning Drop Off, the CATA Contract so that the Blue Loop and White Loop run 24/7 during THON Weekend and finding someone to donate couches for the Kids’ Lounge. Also, Special Projects works to acquire other miscellaneous donations that don't fall under anyone else's position.


HC: What is your past THON experience?

KH: My freshman year I was on OPPerations, and both my sophomore and junior year I was a Dancer Relations committee member.


HC: What is the best part of being a Supply Logistics Captain?

KH: The best part about being a Supply Logistics Captain is knowing that the in-kind donations we work so hard to get all year are saving THON thousands of dollars. Also, Supply Logistics runs the THON Raffle, which is the largest alternative fundraiser in THON. It's pretty awesome that SL not only saves THON ton of money, but also raises money too.


HC: If you had to choose a diamond, which one would you choose to best represent yourself?

KH: Probably honesty. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm not afraid to speak my mind.


HC: What does FTK mean to you?

KH: To me, FTK is the heart and soul of THON. The kids and the families are the reason why we do what we do. While the monetary amount that we raise is incredible, every time a kid smiles or laughs, it makes it all worth it. The kids never stop fighting and neither will we.


HC: What is your favorite THON memory?

KH: My favorite THON memory is when I was a Weekend Warrior for THON 2016. Being able to assist the dancers from my committee and beyond during the last four hours was something that I will never forget. It was really rewarding to be on-shift when the dancers stood up, and then to also be there when they sat down.


HC: If you could be a captain for any other committee, which would it be and why?

KH: I guess Hospitality because I love the aspect of working with donors and getting new donations. Working with donors is a really awesome experience. Most of our donors are just as passionate about ending childhood cancer as we are and they are incredible to work with.


HC: Who is your THON role model?

KH: Eileen Seitz, the Supply Logistics Director for THON 2017, for inspiring me to build something that outlives myself.


HC: Why did you get involved with THON in the first place?

KH: I first got involved with THON because when I decided to come to Penn State, one of my closest friend’s older sister was really involved THON and told me I had to do it too. Shout out, Sloan Gray.


 Good luck to everyone participating in and working on THON this weekend!