A Starter Kit to Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a fun way to relax and destress in any environment you’re in. It’s also a very hot trend right now and has been featured online and in magazine articles. I’ve been doing it for a year and a half now, and I enjoy it a lot. 

Aromatherapy is when you use smells to elicit certain feelings or moods. Some of these feelings might be peaceful, happy or stress-free. 

But, where do you even start, especially if you have no idea what aromatherapy is? Have no fear — I’ve created a list of things you need to get started. 


1. An Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are the main way people practice aromatherapy, and they are very simple to use. All you need is some water, essential oils and an outlet to plug the machine in. Prices for diffusers are all over the place, but you can find some for less than $20 at Walmart or on Amazon. I bought my diffuser at Walmart for $20 and it’s still going strong. 


2. Essential Oils

Oils are used in diffusers and contain a highly concentrated scent. Essential oils are plant oils that are super strong, so you only need a little bit. You can also buy fragrance oils, which aren’t derived from natural sources and contain scents made from chemicals. I have both in my collection and I think they work great. Fragrance oils are usually less expensive because there isn’t as much work involved. Essential oils are more natural if you’re into that. It’s really up to you to decide what you want to use in your diffuser. 


3. A Basket

A basket or container of some sort is a great way to store your essential oils. For me, I store mine in one of those long, plastic bins that usually hold office supplies/pens. You can also look for an essential oil case on Amazon or Etsy. 


4. Witch Hazel

Your oil diffuser needs to be cleaned after some uses. The diffuser can obtain a buildup of leftover oils from what you diffused, the main thing that needs to be cleaned. My trick is wiping the inside of my diffuser with witch hazel. Witch hazel is often used as toner in skin care, but it can also clean things. What’s great about it is it breaks down oils that make my diffuser dirty. 


I will put some on a cotton pad and wipe down my diffuser. Every few uses I will put witch hazel into my diffuser, like I would with water, and run it for about five minutes to do a deep clean. 


There you have it — a simple list to help you get started with oil diffusing and aromatherapy. I hope you like it as much as I do and see that it really can make your life a little better. Happy diffusing, collegiettes!