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Spring Style Trends

Now I’m sure you know we haven’t seen much of spring here in Happy Valley but it looks like our second week in April has sun in store! Make the most this Spring season by catching on to the newest spring style trends.

Bright Colors

You’re probably saying “What– I wear my pink sweatshirt all the time,” but ladies it’s time to bring out the good stuff. Bright colors can easily make a bland outfit pop whichever way you chose to incorporate it. For example, if you don’t have enough time to completely revamp your wardrobe, go for a bright accessory like a neon colored clutch or a vibrant shoe. The sun won’t be the only thing shining once you’re out.

Floral Print 

Spring, flowers? Sounds like a match to me. Spring is the perfect season to get into the floral print trend. The best things about floral prints are their availability in every article of clothing and they match with everything! So get going and pick up a cute floral print that catches your eye.

Statement Sunglasses

What better way to look good in the sun than with sunglasses? This spring, we’re looking to go bold with full circle frames or a designed cat eye. These sunglasses will have you feeling like a superstar as you strut down College Ave. They may seem a little intimidating for some but give it a try, be a diva. 

Finger Rings

Remember when your mother told you not to wear all your jewelry at once? Well throw that advice out the window and pile on all your cutest rings. The finger rings trend is simple yet gaudy. The key to wearing finger rings is to wear similar rings (gold or silver) without a pendant and wear a total of five rings or more on each hand. I’m not sure how the rings may feel on your fingers but if the stars can pull it off, so can we. 


Don’t call it a comeback, dungarees are back and are trending this spring season. Dungarees are an ideal because they can be cuffed and sported with a low pump for warmer weather or sported with some cute kicks when it’s a little chilly. They are also available in pants, shorts or a skirt in a variety of prints so you have plenty of style options. If you hated them when you were younger, you should definitely reconsider!

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