Spring Overhaul: How to Clean and Organize Your Closet for Warmer Weather

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Spring is slowly but surely on its way.  Which means that it’s time to shed those chunky sweaters and heavy coats for some flowy tops and maxi skirts. The first step to revamping your wardrobe for spring is to do some spring cleaning. These tips will help you organize your closet so you’ll actually know where everything is. There will no longer be piles of clothes everywhere, and you’ll be able to put together your cute outfits much quicker.

1. Lay out all of your clothes so you know what you’re working with.

This is the very first step of cleaning out your closet. Separate your clothes into two piles: one for the clothes you want to keep and another for the clothes you want to get rid of. Take the clothes that you don’t want and give them to Goodwill or a consignment shop like Plato’s Closet.

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2. Sort your clothes by type.

Sort your sweaters, cardigans, tanktops, etc. so that they’re all together. Doing this will help you know where each item is so that you’re not searching all over your closet for a specific item.

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3. Sort your clothes by color.

Sorting your clothes by color will also help you know where things are and, with a color in mind, finding clothing will be a breeze. The best way to organize your colors is to start with neutrals such as white, gray, black and tan, then work your way up to the brighter colors.

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4. Storage boxes, hangers, and shoes oh my!

One of the key parts of having an organized closet is having a place to put everything. Make sure you buy some storage boxes and hangers, you’re going to need them. Label them with what they are supposed to hold so you will be sure to always keep your clothes organized.

Storage boxes are usually better for items you have a lot of such as hoodies, jeans and leggings. Use hangers for any items that you want to preserve and keep wrinkle-free. It’s also good to hang up a piece of clothing that you just bought so you remember to wear it. Lastly, organize any shoes you have in your closet with a shoe rack. This creates a distinct spot for each pair of shoes, which will also aid you in your quest to not buy more.

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5. Don’t forget about organizing your accessories.

Every good outfit needs accessories, so organize those too. You can organize your jewelry by using a jewelry tree to hold your necklaces and an earring holder will be your new bestie. For purses, make sure you have a convenient place to hang all of them. A door hook will do the trick.

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Happy spring cleaning and organizing, collegiettes!