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Songs You NEED on Your Getting Ready Playlist

One of the most essential parts about getting ready is having a great playlist to listen to. As someone who usually listens to the same five songs on repeat until I get tired of them, I decided that I needed to make a go-to playlist. So obviously, instead of spending my afternoon doing homework, I picked out songs that get me excited and ready to go. 

“Barking” by Ramz

Yes, this song may be from TikTok, but it’s different than the others. For one, it hasn’t been overplayed and ruined by my For You Page yet. Secondly, it’s so fun and upbeat you can’t NOT start dancing and having fun when it comes on.

“Killing Me Slowly” by BobbyGoAway & NEIMY

This is another fun, catchy song. It’s also pretty easy to learn the lyrics, so sooner than later, you’ll know every word. This song will have you singing and dancing around your room in no time!

“Trndsttr” (feat M. Maggie) [LUcian Remix] by Black Coast

If you like EDM songs, then you should add this song to your playlist. It’s nothing super hardcore, but the different beats and edits in the song are really cool to listen to. This will give you major club vibes all from the comfort of your own home.

“Movements” (feat. Yung Fusion) by Pham

This is another EDM-lite song. The best part of this song is 100% at the very beginning, so expect to get hype the second it comes on shuffle. Don’t just skip it after 30 seconds though, the whole song is worth listening to. This is another one that will remind you of all the nights you spent going out with friends.

“Knock Knock” by Mac Miller

I couldn’t make a getting ready playlist without including this song. Whether you like country, rap, EDM, etc., you will probably love this song. Something about it just gives off such happy vibes and I can’t help but instantly get in a better mood when it comes on.

“Omg (feat. will.i.am)” by Usher

This song may be 10 years old, but I strongly believe that songs don’t go out of style. I went through a phase this summer where I would listen to this song every single day, and unlike lots of other songs, I never grew tired of it. Bonus points if you already know all the words to this song from when you were in middle school.

“Follow God” by Kanye West

This something short and sweet you can add to your playlist. Less than two minutes in length, this song won’t be playing for too long when you’re getting ready, but you still will want to hear it. I’m not the biggest Kanye fan, but this song is one of the rare exceptions I make.

“Crush” by Souly Had

f there is any song that gives off good vibes, it’s this song. Think driving down the shore with all of your windows down in the summer. Even though it’s a perfect summer song, who doesn’t want to feel those vibes all year? It’s a feel good song and that’s all I have to say.

“Transportin’” by Kodak Black

Another old but gold song. Even if you don’t like rap music, this song is a good one. It’s another upbeat song that you can dance to, but also a nice change if you don’t have many rap songs in your playlist.

“Aftertaste” (feat. Morgan St. Jean) by Loud Luxury

You can’t go wrong with any Loud Luxury song when it comes to a getting ready playlist. This is one of their newer songs, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Stay safe and have fun listening, collegiettes!

Rachel Darata is a junior at Penn State majoring in Telecommunications aiming to get a Smeal College of Business Fundamentals Certificate.
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