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Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Warm weather is finally here. That means beach trips, bike rides and tans are on our horizon.

The best things about summer are the sunny skies and the great songs that match the weather. These songs are for road trips, tanning days, late-night dance parties, sitting around the campfire and all the other summer activities.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons to create a playlist for, so here is some inspiration for your summer playlist.

“HOT WIND BLOWS (feat. Lil Wayne)” – Tyler, The Creator

The entire tracklist of “Call Me If You Get Lost” is curated for a hot summer day. This song specifically captures a day out on a yacht while living the high life.

The light and airy flute instrumentals back Tyler, The Creator’s raps, and then Lil Wayne comes in with a verse that reminds you of the good days.

“Sweet Life” – Frank Ocean

“Sweet Life” is a great summer song and perfect to sing along to in your car. The Pharrell-produced (as seen through the four-beat beginning) song calms you down with Frank Ocean’s sweet voice.

He sings about someone who has always had a privileged life, and it makes you wish you could live at a beach house all summer.

“Paradise” – Coldplay

There is no better artist for summer than Coldplay with Chris Martin’s vocals, and this song is perfect for a late-night bike ride. It’s the kind of song you can put on in any car and everyone is singing along and enjoying the summer memories in the making.

“Texas Sun” – Khruangbin, Leon Bridges

I’ve never even been to Texas, but this song has made me want to visit more than anything else has before. The song feels nostalgic, yet new, and Leon Bridges’s voice transports you to a road trip through the southern state of Texas with your windows down.

“Beautiful” – Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, Charlie Wilson

As soon as Pharrell Williams’s “Ohh, Ohh, oh, oh, oh” hits you know you’re getting ready for an all-time summer song. Williams and Snoop Dogg collaborate well to make a fun summer song. 

“III. Telegraph Ave. (“Oakland” by Lloyd)” – Childish Gambino

The radio opening on this song makes you feel like you just hopped in the car after a long day at the beach, and the hottest song of the summer is playing. As soon as the beat drops in the beginning, you can feel Childish Gambino’s vocals bring you somewhere new as he cosplays the persona of “Lloyd.”

“WHARF TALK (feat. A$AP Rocky)” – Tyler, The Creator

I just had to add another Tyler, The Creator song here. This song comes from “Call Me If You Get Lost Deluxe, The Estate Sale.”

“WHARF TALK” perfectly encapsulates a great summer day with A$AP Rocky hopping on the track.

“SUMMER” – The Carters

Beyoncé and Jay-Z teamed up for their first collaboration album as The Carters and produced amazing songs, including the fitting “SUMMER.” Queen Bey’s vocals are slow and smooth as she and Jay-Z sing about summer love. a

“Show Me” – Bruno Mars

Immediately, the instrumentals on this song transport you to a vacation resort as Bruno Mars sings about someone he is chasing. It’s a fun and upbeat song from Mars’s sophomore album, and it is fitting for a good summertime tune.

Here is my personal playlist if you are looking for more recommendations like these:

Summer is a great time for music. The long car trips and beach days deserve a fitting soundtrack.

Sophia is a junior majoring in Public Relations at Penn State University. She loves watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends.