Simple Health Is Making Birth Control Simple Again

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We’ve all been there.


We’ve had that awkward conversation (which really shouldn’t be awkward at all) with our gynecologist, been given tons of pamphlets and advice from people who really don’t know that much about the process, and have sat in our rooms, aimlessly going over the papers, trying to figure out which type of birth control we should do. Just reading this might fill you with anxiety, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to deal that anymore.

Birth control, in of itself, can be scary. Trying to find the perfect person to prescribe it and attending these appointments to discuss. Not only that, but you need to actually go to the physical pharmacy all the time to pick up the prescription. With our lives, it can be hard to remember to even eat breakfast, let alone go to a pharmacy. Simple Health comes into the picture to try and eliminate all of that stress.

It’s super easy. All you do is go onto their website and fill out an account. From there, you’ll get prescribed birth control by expert doctors, and then delivered free when using insurance. If you don't have insurance, the birth control is still affordable, at around $15 per month, so you’re not breaking the bank constantly trying to keep yourself protected.

What’s better is that renewals and receiving is super easy. No longer do you have to wait in lines to get a refill on your birth control, exclaiming it to the people beside you. Or deal with the faces of others who might be judging you, for God knows what reason. Instead, all of you have to do is order online and it’ll be shipped to you in an envelope that looks like any other package, right to your door. And, refills ship automatically each month, so no need to remember to keep going to the pharmacy.

The birth control isn’t the only thing Simple Health provides that’s of excellent use to you. They have articles and blogs about birth control and contraception in general which will help you pick the right one, along with advice on what happens when you start taking it as well as the side effects so you can be well informed. That way, none of us are in the dark about what we’re putting into our bodies.

Birth control shouldn’t be a hard task. About 62% of women of childbearing age are on birth control, so it shouldn’t be shameful. So many women in general live in areas where getting contraceptives is almost impossible, about 19 million. We need to erase the stigma on having control over our bodies, which is why Simple Health is the perfect go-to for all your birth control needs. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Head to and use code "pennstate" for a free prescription!