Signs You've Been Sick for Too Long

It's that time of year where you can barely hear your professors anymore because coughs and sniffles echo throughout the lecture hall, here are some signs you have been sick for way too long! 

  1. 1. Your voice is non-existent

  2. 2. Your room is covered in empty cough drop wrappers

  3. 3. You’re feeling anxious to leave your bed, but once you do, all you want is to hop back into it

  4. 4. The only thing you’re able to eat is soup,  and soup has lost its appeal

  5. 5. You haven’t been to a class in a week, and when you do go, you’re forced to sit in the back so that you can leave to cough in the bathroom

  6. 6. You’re actually tired of watching movies

  7. 7. You’re taking at least 5 different types of medicine

  8. 8. You’ve taken every single Buzzfeed quiz that exists