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Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Being in a toxic relationship is a terrible situation, we all know this. Once you’re in a toxic relationship, it begins to affect your entire life. It’s like throwing a match in a gas tank. One behavior or action that you think is a benefit may just be a toxic trait that goes unnoticed.


A toxic partner will not only affect your mental health, but they could also deteriorate your physical and professional well-being. 


A relationship can turn toxic when a partner becomes a negative force. Neglect, dishonesty, lack of communication and trust can be some of the reasons a relationship can become toxic. 


However, what makes your relationship even more toxic is your choice to stay in the relationship despite the clear red flags. 


Most of the time, leaving a toxic relationship is not as easy as it sounds. Often, you’ll see that people become dependant on each other in these relationships. This dependancy is one of the main reasons that people may hang onto a toxic partner. 


The process of ending a toxic relationship begins with the acknowledgment of being in one. Therefore, here are some signs to help you recognize a situation like this: 


1) Feeling drained 

The last thing you need to feel in any relationship is drained. If instead of feeling happy, productive, and stable, you feel exhausted and distressed, you need to re-evaluate your decision. 

These sentiments are alarming and need immediate retrospection. 


2) Lack of communication

A relationship is built on some basic foundations — one of which is communication. Without communication, there is no intimacy in any relationship. 

When you talk to your best friend more about your relationship rather than your partner, that’s something to make note of. 


3) Incessant narcissism

If the relationship eventually becomes just about your partner or is just a reflection of themselves, it is an absolutely unbalanced one. The relationship is about two people who are part of it equally.

You should not feel that the relationship is missing crucial aspects, especially if it’s you. 


4) All give, no take

Being in a relationship means that each partner must put in equal effort, especially if you both are in college. Managing college and a relationship can be really taxing. You don’t want to be left with nothing to give to yourself when you need it the most. 


5) Persistent self-betrayal

Self-betrayal inevitably emerges during a toxic relationship. If you find yourself constantly changing your opinions to please your partner, you’re damaging your identity as well as demeaning your voice. 

Your views are equally important and should be respected regardless. 


6) Entrapment

Are you in the relationship because you do not see a way out? These vibes are a prominent sign of a toxic relationship.

Choose to be in a committed relationship. Don’t force yourself to be in one. 


7) Stagnancy

Growing together is the basic principle any relationship is built on, let alone a romantic one. 

Growth and learning are vital. If you feel you are not recognizing these things because of the relationship, then it is time to make different choices. 


8) Brings out the worst in you

Each one of us has different versions of ourselves during our lifetime. A relationship is about being there during all those versions of you.

On the contrary, if you feel that the only version you witness is the worst possible one, it is time to leave the relationship . 

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Leaving any relationship is difficult, because as humans, we tend to focus more on the cost instead of the opportunities the future holds. Our mind convinces us to stay because that place is too familiar. 


You have to constantly remind yourself of the fact that growth is uncomfortable, happiness is a choice and everything in your life isn’t meant to stay. 


You are responsible for your life and you get to decide who to spend even a fraction of it with. Thus, choose wisely. 
Vrinda Agarwal is currently a Sophomore at Penn State studying Public Relations, minoring in Digital Media Trends and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. When not writing, she loves to sketch or binge-watch a Netflix show. "Make your own kind of music, even if nobody sings along! " 
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