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Shane McGregor

Name: Shane McGregor
Year: Senior
Major: Print Journalism and English
Hometown: Ebensburg, Pa.

Say hello to this week’s Nittany Lion Shane McGregor, a senior print journalism and English major from Edensburg, Pennyslvania, who happens to be number 2 on the Penn State football team. You’ve probably seen Shane around campus and if not, he’s known by his golden locks! Not to mention his involvement with THON, which he danced for last year. Shane is also on the 2012 Penn State Homecoming student court, so make sure you stop by the many events during Homecoming week and vote for him!

HC: What is your favorite Penn State memory?

Shane: Obviously I remember some things better than others, but I don’t want to choose just one memory because singling out one sort of betrays all the rest. And every experiencee – good, bad or forgotten – has worked together in unison to form the path that’s brought me to the present. So I guess every one is my favorite, because every one has played its own special part.

HC: Who is the most inspirational women in your life and why?

Shane: My mom, definitely. Much of who I am today can be attributed to what her and my dad have done for me throughout my life. One of the best things she taught me was a sense of spirituality, so I’m also inspired by and feel a great connection with the Blessed Mother, Mary. My two grandmothers, Oma and Gracie, are awesome, too.

HC: What shampoo do you use?

Shane: Nothing in particular. Usually the generic stuff they have in our locker room or whatever my roommates or I have around our apartment.

HC: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Shane: It’s a tie between mint M&M Dairy Queen blizzards and romantic comedies.

HC: If you could have a super power what would it be?

Shane: I’m a fan of Batman because his greatest superpower is that he doesn’t have one. He’s human like everyone else, yet he strives to be a hero who works tirelessly for the good of others. That’s the best superpower one could have.

HC: Describe the perfect date.

Shane: Doesn’t really matter where or what we’d do, as long as there’s great conversation. We could be lying on the beach or going on a hike or watching a movie, but if I’m going on a date with you it’s all because I want to get to know the real “you” that outward appearances or simple small talk may not reveal. And a great start to that would be a great conversation.


I'm a Junior Advertising and Japanese/Sociology Minor at Penn State University. Currently, a photographer for HCPSU. 
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