A Senior’s Last Sylly Week As Told by Harry Potter

Those four years really flew by. With seven sylly weeks under our belt, it feels crazy that this is our last one. And as much as we love sylly week, this one definitely feels different than the rest. If you’re a senior, here’s how we all feel during our last sylly week, as told by Harry Potter:


1. Feeling old af

It’s not a good feeling. At all.



2. Realizing this is your last first day of school



 3. Having no energy to deal with classes anymore


4. When someone younger asks you what your plans are after graduation

Don’t remind me, please



5. Seeing you have a friend in one of your classes

Now you can complain together!



6. Heading to the bars after the first day of classes is over

A much-needed refreshment



7. Waking up hungover every day

TBT to the good old days of freshman year, when you never got a hangover after drinking all night.



8. Reminiscing on freshman sylly week, when you knew nothing and made 50 new friends every day

And wishing you could go back to those days



9. Wondering where the last four years went

They really flew by, didn’t they?


10. When professors tell you you can’t slack off just because you’re a senior

That kind of interferes with my plans, though...


11. And then they assign work on the second day




12. Overhearing freshmen talk about how drunk they’ve been getting

We’ve been there, we get it.


13. When it hits you you’ll never have another week like this again



14. But at least you had an amazing four years, and enjoyed every sylly week while you could