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Senior Chronicles: The Final Days

I am embarking on the last week of my #seniorchronicles and I am suffering from a severe case of senioritis. I am currently laying in bed trying not to take my fourth nap of the day, even though it is immensely difficult as I feel my eyelids shut. I scavenged through my fridge earlier today, trying to piece together a meal without having to buy additional groceries. There’s always that weird limbo of having some food but it enough to survive finals week, which I what I’m dealing with right now (update - I ended up making pasta with mixed veggies, although the alfredo sauce was on its last legs).

Oh yeah, and I have a final term paper due on Thursday that I didn’t even attempt at starting. This paper lowkey irritates me because I have no finals for the first time EVER, and it’s my last week of college EVER, yet I’m stuck in my apartment stressing about this assignment.

I ordered two graduation dresses (idk why). I don’t like the fabric of one, even though it looks nice on me, so right now I’m debating on which one I should wear on Saturday. I think I’m coming down with a cold and I still haven’t taken my graduation photos yet. I’m supposed to take them on Thursday, but it’s supposed to be a thunderstorm. I just want to be done with this semester already, even if that means having to adult. At first, I was lowkey sentimental about leaving Penn State. I was going to miss being a student and experiencing campus life. Now I’m ready to gtfo. I’m trying to keep my hair nice before the big day and I keep trying on my heels to make sure I don’t bust my a** on stage. I have a love/hate relationship with heels. They make me look remotely tall, increasing my 5’2 frame, they also hurt like hell and cause my feet to cramp up. I always told myself that I would be better prepared for graduation since I’m a procrastinator but to true Alexis fashion, I didn’t. I even procrastinated writing this article because I spent most of my day taking naps.

I also thought I’d get more rest, but now I have to wake up early tomorrow morning for work. The fun never ends and I know I’m probably not the only senior going through it. And if my professor is reading this, I will work diligently on this paper the day before it’s due.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk guys!

Alexis is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism at Penn State. She loves writing poetry and reading a novel (as long as it's not romance).
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