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Protecting your skin by wearing sunscreen is in. Self-tanning is super popular right now and probably will be forever. It is no longer cool to not wear sunscreen and get super tan, as not wearing sunscreen is awful for your skin. It can give you sun cancer, sun spots and wrinkles.

With self-tanner, you can keep a healthy, natural looking glow going all year round. Self-tanning is super easy to do, makes you look amazing and will help your skin in the long run. Here is a list of five self tanners I have personally used. Continue reading to know the price and what I like and dislike about each product. 

St. Tropez

Overpriced, but very good. St. Tropez is a very popular self-tanner that has made a good name for itself. When I mastered Jergens and wanted a “high-quality” self tanner, I purchased St. Tropez.

Overall, I liked St. Tropez better than Jergens. St. Tropez has a very strong odor. I wouldn’t call the smell bad, but no way can you wear this self tanner out during the day.

It is very easy to apply. The tanner is not sticky and comes out dark so it is impossible to get streaks. However, because I sweat in my sleep, it leaves streaks. I have nothing bad to say about St. Tropez besides the price. The classic mousse is $42.

There are various types of St. Tropez products and I love several of them. The gradual self-tanning lotion has got to be my favorite because you can wear it during the day and it gives you a great, quick tan. This is priced at $32. The shower tanner is awesome too. This is super convenient because you apply before you get out of the shower, eliminating an extra process in your skincare routine.

Loving Tan

Loving Tan was not for me. It has a very strong and unpleasant odor. It is also very sticky. I used Loving Tan because a bunch of YouTubers loved it. I used the two hour express tan, so maybe the normal self tanning mousse is different.

The two hour express tan is very pricy, marked at $42. For the price that I paid, I expected it to be very good. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I just can not recommend it. The tanner leaves your skin very dark, but because it is very sticky, it is very hard to rub in with the mitt. It also leaves lines and streaks.  


I think that Jergens is everyone’s first self-tanner. It is cheap, gets the job done and has a good reputation for itself. It can be purchased at any drugstore and it is priced at only $13.99.

If you have never self-tanned before, I suggest Jergens. It does take practice using the mitt and applying self-tanner. Your first few times might be awful and streaky, and you might be scrubbing it off in the shower.

Jergens has a very strong scent that isn’t that pleasant. It comes out dark which is great to avoid streaks. It isn’t that sticky surprisingly. It also, unfortunately, gives off an orange-looking tone. Sometimes I look extremely tan with an orange glow or not that tan at all. I

It is just not a tanner I can rely on. I have used the tanning lotion and the mousse. The lotion did nothing for me. It is a lotion that builds over time but that is a waste of time in my opinion. I recommend getting the mousse from this brand.


What is so cool about Supergoop self-tanner is that it actually comes with SPF 40 in it. Not only is it making you tan, but it is protecting your skin from the sun.

Supergoop smells amazing and leaves your skin with a glowy look. However, it does feel a tad oily on. Supergoop is not a dark tanner, it is a tanner that you have to use everyday in order to really see results. It gives off a very natural looking tan. also noticed that when I showered after the beach, it took a lot of the tan off even after wearing the lotion for eight hours.

The reason this is not my favorite tanner is because it takes longer to see results than other products. Supergoop is priced at $38 dollars. I think that is pricey, but remember, it is a tanner and sunscreen all-in-one. 


Tanologist is my go-to self-tanner. My biggest concern about self-tanners is the smell. Out of all of the self tanners I have tried, Tanologist is the best by far when it comes to odor. This is a self tanner that I can apply in the morning and go about my day with it on.

The tanning water is clear. You spray it on your body and rub it in with a mitt. It gradually gets darker over time. I sweat when I sleep so tanning overnight does not work for me. In addition, I don’t like feeling sticky, ever, and Tanologist water is not. I also have very sensitive skin and Tanologist does not make me break out.

For my face, I use the Tanologist drops. I take my moisturizer and put two drops of tanner in and rub it all over my face, ears and neck. All you need is one coat of the water, it is very dark. I have a darker skin tone normally, so I use the Tanologist dark water and drops. It does not give off an orange tone at all. The water is priced at $16.99 and the drops are $19.99. The drops last a very long time. The water lasts for about eight to ten tans for me. 

All of these tanners can be purchased online and at Ulta, Target and even Drugstores. Research each brand more to find out the different products they have.

Wear sunscreen this summer to protect your skin. Self-tanner does a better job than the sun anyway. Your skin will thank you when you are older and your skin will look much younger if you take care of your skin now. Even if you do not use self tanners, wear sunscreen. You can still build a tan wearing sun-screen.

Isabella Hunter is a Junior majoring in Advertising with a Digital Media Trends and Analytics minor. She has a strong love for the beach, blogging, and iced coffee.
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