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Ryan Goeke

Year: Sophomore

Major: Supply Chain Management

Hometown: State College, PA

Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle


HC: What is your best memory of Penn State so far?

RG: Watching a fraternity brother find out he couldn’t fly after jumping off the second-floor balcony. He’s okay.


HC: What are you most passionate about?

RG: Cheap wine and Jack Daniels.


HC: As a supply chain major, what do you aspire to be one day?

RG: COO of a Fortune 500 company like Lockheed Martin or Boeing. Or a valet driver.


HC: What is one fashion trend that girls wear that you don’t understand or like?

RG: I absolutely do not understand why girls wear Uggs and Timberlands.


HC: What is one of your biggest turn offs?

RG: When girls are always on their phones… and when they wear Uggs and Timberlands.


HC: What do you find most attractive in a girl?

RG: A girl who is easy going and effortless to hang out with.


HC: What is your ideal date?

RG: Breakfast in a hot air balloon.


HC: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

RG: To never take myself too seriously.


HC: Favorite place to eat on campus?

RG: Definitely Panda Express, although it’s usually followed by regret and remorse.


HC: If you were to choose one celebrity to marry, who would it be and why?

RG: Marion Cotillard. She’s sophisticated and very easy to look at.

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