Road Trip Playlist

Hey HerCampus ladies! Chances are if you’re going canning this weekend or even road tripping home, you’re going to be in a car with a lot of different people who all have their own musical tastes. All of us HerCampus writers put our heads together to make the ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP PLAYLIST for you guys to listen to on your car rides home! Here are some highlights and why we chose them:

Sarah Wartman: My favorite song on the playlist is Dreams by the Cranberries. This is just truly the ultimate road trip song and there’s nothing like driving with the windows down and rocking out to this with your friends.

Torri Singer: My go to on this playlist would have to be Pompeii. Not only is it a fantastic, inspiring, uplifting, sing-out-loud jam, but it is also my favorite ruined city – win win.

Katie Bartas: I’m a huge country fan, so my go-to song on this playlist is definitely Springsteen by Eric Church. It puts me in the summer mood no matter how cold out it is! Not to mention it’s the perfect song to belt out loud with your friends on a long drive – you’ll find that even the most anti-country people know at least some of the words.

Sara Radaoui: I would go with Royals. I am a huge fan of Lorde and her voice is incredible for a 16 year old.  Her album Pure Heroine is one of the best I’ve heard lately, and it has a variety of songs for every mood.

Morgan Raphael: Take Me Home is the ultimate pump-up song. Whenever I hear it, I want to run to my friends and sing to it as obnoxiously as possible together. It just makes you feel good!

Rachel Elman: Sweater Weather is one of my favorite songs to listen to as I’m walking downtown on my way to class. Pair it with a cozy knit scarf and I’m in the zone- ready for winter in Happy Valley!

Sarah Peterson: Best Song Ever by One Direction is my jam song! Anytime I'm having a bad day I just put that song on, and I'm suddenly cheered up - even if it's only temporary. Love it!

Rachael David: We Got The World by Icona Pop is the perfect representation of being young and alive and not giving a crap what anyone else thinks. It's the best way to let loose on a Friday night after a week full of work.