Review of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

It’s the start of something new! But does it feel right? Yes, yes it does! The release of Disney+ launched the beginning of a new story for the East High Wildcats. The spinoff show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, follows high schoolers through their theater production of High School Musical. What makes the show worthy of your viewing is exactly what would make you not want to watch it. 


The 30 minute segments are filled with awkward and cheesy moments that will make you squirm in your seat. However, these are the moments that you will go back, watch and find absolutely adorable. The main character Ricky is no Troy Bolton, but he is an underdog that the audience roots for from the opening scene to the end credits. His inexperience with musical theater along with his desire to be with his ex-girlfriend Nini, who plays Gabriella, drives the storyline of the entire show.


Personally, one of my favorite aspects of the show are the original songs. Despite the fact that rarely any of the original High School Musical songs have been played, the new songs have been more than enough. Lastly, if you aren’t in love with Ricky after his audition song or in awe when Nini and Ashlyn sing ‘Wondering’ then this show probably isn’t for you. Chock-full of teenage drama, romance, and High School Musical jokes, this show is definitely recommended to anyone in need of new television content.