Reality Shows to Watch ASAP

With the Bachelor in Paradise finale, reality show lovers are certainly feeling empty. However, even though The Bachelor and all its variations are some of the best reality shows out there, they are certainly not the only ones. Here is a list of reality shows to watch ASAP:

If you like The Bachelor…


90 Days Fiance

Available on Hulu

Have you ever heard of an American falling in love with a foreigner? This is what this amazing show is about. Couples, who are (most of the time) in love, apply for a K-1 visa, which allows their international love to come to the country under a fiance visa. Upon their arrival, they have 90 days to prepare their wedding and get married. If not, their love buddy is sent back to their home countries. Filled with drama, this show is a must-watch for anyone who believes in love - or loves to see a lot of fighting.


Married at First Sight

Available on Hulu

Marriage is something many people dream of. However, not everyone meets in traditional ways. A group of love experts pair up what they believe to be perfect matches. The couples meet for the first time in the altar. That's right, they see each other for the first time in the altar. The show follows these couples for 6 weeks until the time comes for them to decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. Ouch.


Love Island

Available on Netflix

This show is a similar - but British - version of the fan favorite Bachelor in Paradise. A group of very attractive single people go to a mansion, with the mission of coupling up with their person. However, coupling up is not enough to win the grand prize of £50,000. You also have to win the heart of the other Islanders and the public.


If you like Project Runway…

Instant Hotel

Available on Netflix

Competition, drama, design. This show is looking for the best instant hotel in Australia. The experts are looking at all experts of the hotels - the design, location, local attractions, prices. However, there is a twist. The other contestants are also rating their competitors' hotels. Are there contestants who sabotage their ratings? You should watch this great show and found out.


The Apartment

Available on Netflix

This is another great design competition. Amateur interior designers have to decorate an entire house from scratch. Every week there is a new X, new challenges, and a lot of drama. If you love decor and drama this show is certainly bingeworthy.


Skin Wars

Available on Netflix

Okay, if it features RuPaul it has to be good. This show is a competition amongst skin painters. That's right: skin painters. With RuPaul as a host, Skin Wars is a spicy show that speaks to anyone who loves art and drama.


If you like Keeping Up With the Kardashians…

Made in Mexico

Available on Netflix

The Kardashian lifestyle takes over Mexico. This reality show follows the lives of the Mexican elite, giving a glimpse of what luxury is like in America's neighbor country. Showing the spectators their parties, luxury, culture, and, of course, drama, Made in Mexico is a great show.


Toddlers and Tiaras

Available on Hulu

This is a very controversial show. It shows different young miss competitions across the United States. Even though it is entertaining, it is a great start to think about the beauty industry as a whole, and the impact that is has on girls of every age.


Now go watch some reality TV, collegiettes!