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Reactions We All Had to Stranger Things Season 2

It’s no doubt that the hype around season 2 of Stranger Things is intense. The only thing better than the season itself is the reactions of its fans (and all of the amazing new merch)! Here are some of our favorite reactions to the newest season!



1. We have no self-control

Yes, we all started out this season the same way. We’ll watch one episode, maybe two and then go to sleep. Next thing you know it’s 6AM, your eyes burn and you’re an emotional wreck. I haven’t met a single Stranger Things fan with an ounce of self-control. Who needs sleep?


2. The obsession with Hopper’s Dad moves

This season Hopper melted all of our hearts. From a hardened cop to complete dad, we see how much of a soft spot he has for Eleven. You’re lying if your heart didn’t melt when he got her birth certificate. Speaking of hearts melting or should I say breaking…


3. Oh, poor Bob!

Poor, sweet Bob. He deserved so much better than what he got. He started out as a weird, new character who made his way into our hearts as a sweet loving man in love with Joyce. It was all going well until he was ripped away from us because the Duffer brothers won’t let us have nice things. As every one of us sat on our couch crying over his death, we knew Bob would always be loved but not forgotten.


4. Steve Harrington is Mom of the Year.

Steve Harrington surprisingly became the love of our lives. He went from high school bad boy to a loving mother of four and the world’s best babysitter. I mean come on, by the end of this season he’s standing with a dish towel on his shoulder telling all of the kids to stay out of trouble. If that wasn’t enough, the Steve and Dustin dynamic was something we didn’t know we needed.


5. We need to protect the kids!

I think we can all relate to Joyce when we say we want to keep these kids safe. After an article listed Millie Bobby Brown as one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood, we realized just how much we needed to protect our Stranger Things kids from Hollywood and the world.


Now I guess we have to wait another year for season 3!

Hope is currently a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University, where she is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Theatre.
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