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Ranking State College Apartment Buildings

This year at Penn State, we have seen a lot of new construction in downtown State College. There is a large variety of apartment buildings, ranging in size, price and overall vibes. Here is the official ranking of apartment buildings at our very own, Penn State. 

THe meridian: 5/10

The Meridian is basically it’s own compound in State College. Buildings one, two, and three, are always a complete mystery to me. Additionally, it’s location from campus is a bit too far for comfort, but a great perk is having your own bus stop conveniently located right outside! 

The met: 7/10

The Met is a tricky one. It’s location is very far out of the way, making it somewhat inconvenient. Moreover, it isn’t the prettiest building in State College. There are a number of businesses that operate in the Met that make it appealing, however. Ultimately, I would give it a 7/10 because it is just too far for my liking.  

Beaver terrace: 7/10

I have fond memories at Beaver Terrace. The positives are that you have great views on the upper floors and the renovated units extremely nice. Additionally, it is in a good location in regards to downtown and campus. However, the rental company offices for this apartment are located on the first floor. This can be tricky if you are more on the unruly side. Overall, I would deem it a 7/10. 

The maxxen: 8/10

Let’s be real: The Maxxen will always be “The Here.” The Maxxen gets a 7/10 because it has an extreme hotel ambiance. There is no sense of home to it and every unit is fairly cookie- cutter. Let’s be honest too, Greek Life has saturated The Maxxen and the prices are unreasonable. 

The edge: 9/10

From the outside, The Edge is one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings in downtown State College. The building inside is beautiful, and the units are always perfectly decorated. Roots located underneath the building is the cherry on top because who doesn’t want a healthy restaurant right under their noses? Literally. 

Penn towers: 10/10

This description is one hundred percent biased. I live in Penn Towers now and I absolutely love it. My view is immaculate, as I can see Old Main and the HUB perfectly. Penn Towers is affordable and a great distance from downtown and campus. I can’t recommend it enough.

Honorable mention: Westside houses

Even though they are houses, I think that there is something incredibly charming about living on the west side of campus. The houses are all so quaint and I feel there is a real sense of community around Westside. If it was not so far location from campus, I would live there in a heartbeat.

Happy apartment hunting!

Health Policy and Administration student at Pennsylvania State University.
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