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PSU vs. UMD: 5 Reasons Why State College Is Better Than College Park

Ever since Maryland joined the Big Ten a few years ago, a growing rivalry has sparked.  Maybe it’s because geographically we’re so close or maybe it’s because Maryland football players refused to shake the Penn State players’ hands before the game in 2014?  Either way, this Homecoming weekend we will see who the champions are on the field, but off the field we will always know that State College is better than College Park.  Here’s why:

1. PSU pride is everywhere  

Our school pride consists of more than wearing our state flag’s print all over our bodies.  People from everywhere flock to State College on game day to transform the city into the third largest city in Pennsylvania. Where else could you find more than 10 stores full of Penn State gear, students flooding the streets to celebrate our athletics or people shouting “We Are” at tour groups?

2. It’s the perfect college town

Right across campus, the small, quiet town of State College has anything a college student could need with everything from Urban Outfitters, to Starbucks to the best brunch you could ever ask for at the Waffle Shop.  

3. It’s safe

Unlike College Park, State College is an extremely safe place to live where no one would ever get held up playing Pokémon Go. The only real threat of violence here is clowns. However the parades of students running through campus armed with hockey sticks ready to protect our campus from the creepy psychos just proves that no one messes with Penn State.

4. It’s surrounded by nature 

Whether it’s a quick trip to the Arboretum or a hike up to Mount Nittany, State College has amazing views to explore. Don’t forget about the amazing produce that comes from nearby farms at the farmers market. 

5. Although it may be far from a major city, there’s always something to do. 

With over 40,000 students, there’s always something to do here.  What other town in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania has Kanye West, The Price is Right, and Bruce Springsteen come all in one year? It’s no secret that State College is one of the most lively, eventful places in the state. 

You don’t need to convince us that State College is the place to be. Check out what Maryland has to say. 

Kelsie Ahern is a Sophomore at Penn State majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Art History. She has a love for everything fashion, french bull dogs, and a good brunch.
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