Pick Yourself Up With Our Summer Survival Kit

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Life can be stressful. Between work, seeing friends, and making time for family, it can be really hard to take time for yourself. But thanks to the Summer Survival Kit, you’ve got all you need for a self-care night.

  1. 1. Need a little pick me up?

    A clean mouth is an instant way to start feeling better about yourself. Extra Refreshers Gum is great for doing this and leaves a cooling sensation in the mouth. Plus it comes in mint and fruit flavors so there’s a little something for everyone.

  2. 2. Feeling a little greasy?

    Greasy-feeling hair is not great. You put lots of product in, making your head feel heavy. Clean hair means a fresh start to a week of cute hair dos and fabulous hair moments. VERB Ghost Shampoo and VERB Ghost conditioner are the t.l.c. your greasy hair needs. It will leave your hair feeling soft, sleek, and light as a feather. And you deserve cute, clean hair! Never forget that.

  3. 3. Legs feeling a little crusty?

    Winter is gone and that means your legs will now have to come out of hiding. With warm weather approaching, nothing feels better than smooth legs. And Skintimates Vanilla Sugar disposable razor exfoliates gently, treating your legs. A great thing to pair this with is Skintimate’s Raspberry Shave gel. A little bit of this goes a long way and moisturizes while it sits on your skin. Together, these two items let you pamper yourself.

  4. 4. Breakout got you down?

    With finals and the end of the school year, your skin can become a real mess. Treat yourself to a little bit of skin time. Innisfree’s Cica Balm is soothing, cooling and nourishing on your face. It's good for getting those blemishes to vanish. It’s also safe on sensitive skin and not heavily scented. Put this product on and catch up on your favorite show while it sinks into your skin.

  5. 5. Wanna feel cute even on your period?

    Summer is hot, like real hot. A great product for those hot days and taking care of you throughout the day is Carefree’s Acti-Fresh Twist Resist liners. No one likes feeling sticky and wet so it’s a good thing this item takes care of that problem. The liner won't get crumpled up when you're wearing shorts. [email protected] also looked up some life hacks to use liners for and we found that you can put them in the underarms of your shirts to catch sweat and in the cups of your bra to catch that underboob sweat. The more you know!

  6. 6. Want to avoid that sweaty soda can?

    Her Campus makes the best swag for sitting on the beach or at the pool. These koozies will keep your drink cool and just as in style as you. 

With the summer survival kit, you have all you need for a nice night of self-care. These products are great for making me-time no sweat! Happy summer Collegiettes!