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Penn State Study Spots to Try During Finals Season

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Finals season is upon us!

Here’s to the endless hours studying, late-night DoorDash deliveries and everything else that goes with the closing of the semester.

I’ve found that experimenting with new study spots is the best way to stay focused, especially during finals week. Penn State has countless of study spots you can take advantage of, but here are some of my favorites!

bellisario media center (new willard)

The Bellisario Media Center located inside of Willard Building has to be my favorite building on campus.

With three floors filled with various types of seating, your options for study locations feel endless. There’s traditional seating, fun chairs and even study rooms you can reserve.

If you’re in desperate need of a study break while in this building, check out the podcasting and sound rooms, as well as the office areas where PSU publications are located!

It’s definitely an atmosphere filled with creative energy that will charge you through your studying.

health and human development building

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.

The HHD building has four floors of study spaces, with an array of seating options on each of the levels. The best thing about this study location is that there are floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking downtown.

It makes for a beautiful view, and you have the option of grabbing snacks/meals from the variety of restaurants downtown that are within walking distance.

intramural building

This building is one of the most underestimated study locations on campus.

It surprisingly has a ton of study spaces, with the most quiet of those spaces being located in the basement of the building.

With other buildings on campus, it can sometimes feel like a fight to claim a good study spot, but in the IM building, there is a more likely chance that a good study spot is already open– no hassle necessary.

I personally think that the IM building has everything you could ask for. In addition to its abundance of study spots, you can also grab a quick snack at Shake Smart and a variety of workout classes that you could take advantage of if you need a study break.

recital hall

Recital Hall, located in the Music Buildings is my favorite location to get work done.

Personally, I have found it harder to study in this building but find that doing assignments and other busy work is easiest to do in this building.

This has to be one of the quietest buildings on campus and it’s visually stunning inside. I tend to sit near the floor-to-ceiling windows located in Recital Hall so it feels like I’m sitting outside.

It’s also a great place for some people-watching when you’re on a study break!

Nursing Sciences Building

I think that the Nursing Sciences Building gives off cozy vibes, and is the perfect location to focus.

Although there isn’t too much study space, there is a designated area on the second floor that has a variety of tables and chairs for students to use.

I love sitting next to the huge windows in this study area because it makes me feel like I’m outdoors and it allows me to overlook Penn State’s gorgeous downtown!

With this building being right across the street from the bustle of downtown, its easy to stretch your legs and treat yourself to a snack while on a study break!

Finals season can be an incredibly stressful time for majority of college students, so make sure that you remember to take of yourself and to find a balance. You got this!

Allie is a PSU student studying Public Relations & minoring in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Management. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, traveling, reading, and painting!