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Penn State Encourages Sustainability Efforts With Kill The Cup Campaign

Here at Penn State, we are all used to seeing the blue recycling bins in every building, dining hall and dorm. Some of us try to recycle more than others, and we all hope that we’re somehow making a difference in the environment. Unfortunately, just recycling isn’t going to cut it for the entire planet. We have to start by making more efforts to protect the environment, and we can start by even doing the smallest of things. As college students, we can help out by changing our light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, stop using paper plates because we’re too lazy to do the dishes, and join the efforts of the Kill The Cup (KTC) campaign.

The KTC campaign is basically what it sounds like—kill the cup! Stop buying a plastic cup from Dunkin’, Starbucks or any coffee shop and start bringing your own reusable mugs! The campaign is promoted by the Penn State Eco-Action club and is looking to make a difference in waste reduction, create social media awareness, educate consumers, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Resorting to using reusable mugs can reduce the amount of styrofoam and plastic that is not biodegradable and can leave an imprint in our environment for thousands of years.

Every year, KTC announces its six-week long University Challenge that chooses any number of universities to participate. This year, there happens to be 16 universities across the nation, and Penn State was chosen to be one! The University Challenge invites schools from October 1st to November 13th to compete against one another while participating in a good cause to better the planet and encourage more sustainability efforts. The challenge presented Penn State with two ways that students can participate: (1) by using a reusable cup at the Starbucks in the HUB (where you also receive a 25 cent discount!) and (2) by uploading a selfie with a reusable cup at any coffee shop to the KTC app. Every selfie that you upload to the app enters you in a drawing to win prizes every week! Prizes include $50 gift cards, iPads, and hiking backpacks.

The best thing about this challenge is that most of us are already avid coffee drinkers, so this shouldn’t be a change of routine! The “hardest” part about participating in the challenge is remembering to bring your reusable mug. If Starbucks is any incentive, though, you’ll probably try your best to remember it! Plus who doesn’t want to help the environment when it’s as easy as supplying your own mug?

To find out more information about KTC and other sustainability efforts, contact the Penn State Eco-Action club’s President, Brittany Ayers at [email protected], or visit their website.

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Kayla Dusing is currently a junior at Penn State University and is the PR chair for Her Campus PSU. She is majoring in public relations and working towards a business certificate with Smeal College of Business. She enjoys cuddling with her cats, blogging, drinking coffee, and eating avocados. Her other interests include scrolling through endless social media websites, going to Penn State football games, and writing articles. She hopes to gain more blogging experience by writing for Her Campus and adding more publications to her current list.     
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