Penn State Clown Nose Club Tells Students Why "You Matter"

This past Thursday the Penn State Clown Nose Club hosted its second annual You Matter Day Event in an effort to, "make each person feel that he or she is worthwhile." With free food, a compliment booth and an array of interactive activities, students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and form deeper connections with one another all while spreading the message that “you matter.” In case you missed it, here are a few snapshots of the event along with commentary from some of its attendees. 

Carly Harris, a junior, shows off a collaborative sign made from last year’s “You Matter Day.”


HC: What’s the goal of “You Matter Day” and the Clown Nose Club?

CH: “Our motto is that you matter! We’re trying to promote that message to Penn State. The goal of the Clown Nose Club is to get people out of their comfort zone to form better connections with one another."


Some crazy fun accessories are set out to be worn for the photo booth.

“We wanted to incorporate activities that would facilitate interaction, which is what our club is all about,” said junior Julie Walter, Clown Nose Club president. "We used a lot of the materials from last year’s event but also brought in things like an obstacle course and mini-golf to encourage participation and help people meet one another. Another new thing we did this year was bringing in other clubs and allowing them to have their own booth for the event to help spread awareness.”

Mark Chandley, a sophomore and member of the Clown Nose Club, plays with some of the blow-up toys available at the event.


A compliment booth greets attendees at the event's entrance.


Sophomore Kaitlyn White shows off her mad hula-hooping skills.


HC: What do you enjoy most about “You Matter Day?”

KW: “It’s a good way to let everyone know that they matter. It’s a positive way to relieve people from a rough point in the semester."


Her Campus Penn State was happy to participate in the day's events and proudly supports the Clown Nose Club in their mission to spread positivity and acceptance among the Penn State community! Remember, collegiettes, you matter!