Passions: What Are They And How to Find Them?

Growing up I was the kid that quit everything. Whether it was soccer or gymnastics or even theatre, I could not commit 100% to anything I tried. I never felt the passion or drive needed in order to be successful in these activities. While all of my friends joined travel sports teams or started acting in plays as their interest in these activities developed, I would be signing up for some new activity that I would eventually end up quitting due to lack of interest. I have so much random gear from the various activities I tried laying around my house that you could literally have a garage sale off of it alone. 


Looking back, I am jealous of all of my friends that found their passions so early in life that I have yet to find mine. I guess you could say it is a bit of an insecurity of mine to this day because whenever I am asked what I like to do for fun or what I’m passionate about my mind draws a blank and I stutter to come up with an answer. My friends even joke that I am the girl that has tried everything and can’t commit to anything. That is why I made a resolution to myself that I will join a bunch of new activities and stick with them until I find that one thing I am passionate about. 


I understand that college is the time to explore and find your passions so I hope by the end of my four years here, I can write an article entitled Passions: How I found mine. But until then, if anyone has any suggestions or stories as to how they found their passion, please let me know because I am struggling.