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An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Younger Me,

I bet you had thought you’d seen the last of me once I went to college, but I decided to give this a try due to everything I’ve been through the past four years of my life. Reflecting back on the past has never been something I’ve been good at, but since I’m graduating next semester, I need to get all of this off my chest.

It’s been a long time, younger me. The last time we really spoke, I had been going through some bad shit. My mind wasn’t in a good place, my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be, and I felt like that every single time I opened my mouth, I was disappointing people. Worse yet, if I even tried to be kind to others, they would respond back not with kindness, but with rude remarks. 

I know life seems tough right now. I know that it’s hard for us to move on from what’s happened in the past and become a better version of ourselves, but trust me…you do. 

You go through all the phases – and no, I’m not talking about the emo phase in high school. You grow up, have heartbreak, develop disappointments, and move on. You face great accomplishments, find love, and make close friends, better than anyone you’ve ever been close to. You find your true passion in writing, in reporting, and realize that maybe you aren’t so lost after all. 

You see, I know life is tough. I know that sometimes, it seems hard to go from one day to the next without losing your mind and just wanting to stay in bed all day. But now, it’s a whole different era of Alexandra Ramos. You’re graduating soon. You’re going to be moving on to bigger and better things soon. And soon enough, you’ll be making money, living on your own (for real) and becoming the strong young woman you expect to be. 

Honestly, I’m not the hugest fan of what’s happened to us in the past. The bullies have torn us down, the heartbreaks have broken us into pieces, and the losses of friendships hurt the most when you thought someone would be there for you. But I’m here to say that even though it sucks now, and that nothing else seems like it’s going to get better, it will. 

Life is full of little things that get to you. But life is also full of beautiful moments that come out of nowhere, the memories in life that you hold onto for the rest of your days. And that’s what now is like, and where you’re going to be. 

So just keep holding on to everyday living, because I know you can make it through it. Life is more than just a dark room and pizza. Life is beautiful, and you get to experience it more than ever now. Stay strong, and everything is going to be alright. You’re a little fighter. 



Your older you

Alexandra is a senior at Penn State majoring in Digital-Print Journalism in the College of Communications. She is the assistant editor for Her Campus and loves everything else PSU has to offer her. She is involved with the Onward State, and would like to somehow benefit THON. Alex loves to write, sing, bake, and dance around like no one is watching. Alex is known to love her animals, including her cat, Grace, who isa little devil at the same time. Oh, and pizza. She loves pizza like it's her world. Follow her on Instagram for her craziness: allieramos1698
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