Open Letter To My First Pet

Dear Billy,

I want you to know that I miss you! With the anniversary of when you left this world coming up, I want you to know I have not, and will never forget you.  You were my best friend all throughout elementary school and saved my life countless times. I know you are just a cute little critter, but you meant the most to me every day.  

You were the first pet I ever took care of.  Remember when you were chewing on some grass outside and a hawk flew overhead? My mom instinct came alive and I grabbed you, screamed, and ran inside.  I think I saved your life and I was probably 10. I cared for you every day for seven years and will always cherish those years. I haven’t seen you since middle school but you gave me the most important memories I will never forget.

Remember when one of my friends dropped you and your teeth literally fell out? My mom and I spent an hour every day trying to feed you baby food out of that rubber dropper thing.  Wow, I’m sorry about that!

I definitely did spoil you a lot considering you couldn't ever walk up the stairs.  But in my defense, I did feed you a lot…but you were incredibly lazy. I think you were the only guinea pig that wouldn’t run in those critter wheels! From carrots to celery sticks, you never stopped eating. I learned my lesson to never feed anyone that many treats again!  You deserved all of the treats, though.

One thing I am sorry about is dressing you up too much.  I couldn't help myself with all the perfectly fitting American Girl Doll clothes I had! I loved being your personal photographer too.  In the end, though, you did win that Halloween contest at Pet Supplies Plus! They gave you a year supply of guinea pig food and I know you loved that.

Remember when you modeled for that critter magazine? I completely take credit for those photographs.  I also give you credit for being so photogenic! You never were camera shy and that was my favorite thing about you.  From balancing on a bouncy ball to typing on an American Girl Doll computer, you never failed to take a good picture and make everyone laugh.

I wish you could still be here now.  You could hang with my dog Bailey who reminds me of you in certain ways. She definitely isn't as photogenic as you though!  As the years pass, I still always look outside my backyard and laugh at all the times I’d lay in the grass with you. We got rid of the swing set, which was one of the hardest things I’ve witnessed, but your grave still sits there and I refuse to let it ever be removed, even if we move.

Again, I miss you everyday! I still remember the little chatters you would make when I would run downstairs to see you.  And I will never forget your squeals when you would see the food coming. I love you Billy!