An Ode to my Soul Sisters

You know those people in your life that you feel so connected to? The people that you can’t imagine life without? That’s exactly how I feel about my two best friends who graduated last year. Freshmen year is tough. A new area, new people, a new culture. I was positive I wouldn’t get through the year. I felt that this school wasn’t for me, that I didn’t fit in and I didn’t belong in this community. It felt like I was looking through a lens into this world I didn’t understand. Yet, I’m still here. I powered through and learned that so much change at once was extremely hard but I didn’t go through it alone. I had my soul sisters by my side. 

These were two girls I spent every single day with. Even when we weren’t together for a day or two, it felt so strange. It felt wrong and weird. That’s the level of closeness we built over course of last year. I am now at the end of week five this semester and I wanted to reflect on my time spent with them as this is my first year of college without them. 

Whether it was fall, winter, or spring, I was always prepared for a hike with my girls. I’d often get texts such as, “I’m coming to pick you up, we’re going for a hike.” Ninety five percent of the time I was hiking in the snow in my Nike’s, but it didn’t matter that I never learned my lesson because I was so grateful for the time I got to spend with them. Most often on days when the sky was clear we always watched the sunset while driving down Whitehall Road (I highly suggest it). We would just drive until the sun had set, no matter how far we went it was worth it. When ate meals together, they’d cook and I’d clean and it was the best system. Before going out on a Friday night, we’d pick angel cards and blast “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”. When we were feeling lazy we’d watch Queer Eye and drool over Antoni and most episodes ended in emotional tears.

Our Sunday’s spent together were called, “California Days” where we’d just wake up and see where the day takes us. Whether it be we went for a hike, or we stayed in and watched Harry Potter, or maybe a trip to Goodwill. Hash browns were normally involved. I know that you can’t personally relate to these memories of mine, but I’m sure it is stirring up some memories you have with a soul mate of yours. Soulmates are real, and I don’t think they have to be romantic because I am lucky enough to call a few special people in my life my soulmates. They are the people that are on the same wavelength as you, the ones you think about and then they call you. The ones who you go without seeing for months and you can pick up exactly where you left off. The ones that know you like the back of their hand. 

To my soul sisters, I am grateful for every day I got to spend with you last year. I am grateful for everything you have taught me. I now can appreciate “the sweetness of doing nothing” and that is a gift I will forever cherish. I will be right here waiting for more California days. Like Winnie the Pooh says, I am so lucky “to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”