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No Green Bubbles Allowed

I’m sorry, Android lovers; but I most likely won’t respond. Sincerely, my iPhone.

There’s just something about a green bubble that gives me anxiety. I think all iPhone users would agree – green bubbles don’t sit well with us.

I just feel like I have no control when I text someone and the bubble is green. How am I supposed to know if you got my text, if it doesn’t say delivered? If you did get my text, how do I know you’re not ignoring me, busy, or busy ignoring me?

A green bubble in a one-on-one conversation may send my anxiety through the roof, but a green bubble in a group chat – ugh! It makes me want to pull my hair out. It will definitely get you called out or even removed from the group chat. It just messes up the whole Feng Shui of the group.

Do Androids even know when someone likes, dislikes, loves, emphasizes, or questions a text they’ve sent? Is it even an option when texting them? Is Giphy added to their keyboard? Just thinking about all of this makes me itch.

Can we talk about their emoji quality? Throw the whole software away. I thought the green bubble was bad, but then the 2003 emoji pops up inside of it.

I’ve turned down numbers because someone pulled out an Android. I’m sorry; you’re really cute and seem nice, but I’m a control freak and need to know when my text is delivered. You can add me on Snapchat though.


Hey! My name is Dominique and I'm a Senior at Penn State University. Where i'm studying Digital Journalism and Media. I love shopping, going out to eat, binge watching Netflix shows, hanging out with Friends. I've recently started my own Youtube channel. Since I basically spend the whole day watching Youtube videos, I figure why not Start my own channel.
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