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My Thoughts On “Love Island” vs. “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”

I’ve been an avid "The Bachelor"/"The Bachelorette" fan for the last few seasons. I was hooked when Ari took back his proposal from Becca and wanted Rachael to find love sooo badly. I’m watching this season, but shamefully got hooked on another love competition show.

This time it’s British and so much more complicated. "Love Island" puts singles together and “couples” them up with each other, testing them with games and making them go on dates with other people.

Like "The Bachelor," you have your favorites from day one that you really just genuinely want to be happy. However, in "Love Island" they add new characters and dump people from the island which constantly keeps EVERYONE on their toes.

They also make people who are not “coupled up” go on dates with each other to possibly reveal their true feelings about the person they are currently with.

Not to mention the lingo. You learn so many new ways to say things - they “fancy” each other instead of liking, they “do bits” instead of hooking up, they call everyone "babe" and "love." There’s really something special about watching a show in English but still needing subtitles.

In "The Bachelor," we all know they stay in the mansion and travel to different places around the world. There is bound to be drama between that many people living in the same place together. In "Love Island," they literally just stay in the house and do nothing but lay by their pool getting tan. And we know having a tan makes everyone more attractive. It also stirs the pot more because they don’t do anything but gossip and talk to and about each other all day. Goals??

I think the thing that makes "Love Island" that much better than "The Bachelor" is the fact that they change everything up all the time. Obviously, people get kicked off "The Bachelor" every week but the unexpectibility of "Love Island" really puts it over the edge.

They also don’t have Chris Harrison, who you could never replace. His service to American television has been truly invaluable. And there is something nice about watching people from "The Bachelor" going on "The Bachelorette," it’s either makes you really root for them that much more.

All in all, I guess it’s a personal preference. It’s just about what context and country you want to watch beautiful people make hard decisions about their love lives.

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