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My Thoughts On The Latest Season Of “Queer Eye”

Getting ready to watch the new season of "Queer Eye" was like bracing myself for every emotion I could think of. Of course, you know crying is going to be involved and then feeling so proud of the people and their beautiful transformations.

This season was different than others, though. It involved the group's first makeover on a duo and a lesbian woman. I liked them branching out like this - the duo was really sweet especially because they were sisters and they look really fricking good after. Including a lesbian woman was needed, I think, after they did makeovers on gay men before. It helps people at home to better relate and see themselves in her and take similar steps to gain the same confidence.

All the stories and transformations were inspiring as always. I watched it all in one sitting which really got my emotions just piling on top of each other but honestly I would do it again. You can really tell they helped these people and I definitely cried at least once. I don’t have my own children so I don’t know what it’s like to watch them grow but I feel like it’s gotta be similar to watching these people’s transformations.

I always leave this show feeling inspired and ready to better myself and I’m sure I’m not the only one so good job "Queer Eye."  Their group is also so empowering and uplifting to each other and the people they help so it’s fun to watch them and get uplifted too. Their personalities work so well together and they all have their fun little catch phrases that make the show that much more entertaining.

In this time of everyone embracing self-love, the show is very impactful for those who don’t know how to self-love or forgot along the way. I would recommend 11/10 and I already can’t wait for the next season.

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