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My Review on the Isle of Paradise Self Tanner Collection

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Imagine if you were able to look tan all year round without having to lay in the sun constantly. Many self tanners claim to offer this, but leave you blotchy and uneven. Isle of Paradise is a brand that could make this dream come true. 


I was hesitant at first, but trust me… it is worth it.


My Unfortunate Self Tanner Experiences

My experiences with fake tanners have been subpar at best and required a lot more effort than needed. (You have to rub in the lotion quickly so it doesn’t end up uneven, your palms somehow become dark as well, there is a white ring around your mouth where you didn’t add enough lotion, etc…) 


Because of all of these mishaps I have encountered, I was hesitant about Isle of Paradise. I also don’t believe Instagram ads because they can be misleading. 


BUT… This tanner did not disappoint.

Where I Found Out About the Company

While scrolling through TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, I stumbled upon ads for Isle of Paradise a handful of times. I am not one to trust random social media ads, but the people reviewing the products seemed genuine and had great results so… it was my turn to give it a try.

My Isle of Paradise Experience

After I applied the tanning lotion, I waited 6 hours so I could get the darkest results possible. The beauty of this brand is that while your tan is developing, you can just go on with your day. It also does not leave residue on your clothes and will not stain them. 


After six hours, I was left with a beautiful and natural tan. I looked like my summer self once again! For the first time, I accomplished an even tan from one of these tanning products. The color is also a golden color rather than orange (thank God). It was literally a miracle. Now, I will be using this product occasionally when I don’t want to lay out in the sun.

The Products That They Offer

Isle of Paradise offers a variety of tanning products whether you prefer lotion, drops, mist, or mousse. Some of the tanners are instant, while others form gradually. I bought the gradual tan which develops over the course of six hours. For the application, they offer mits and brushes so you do not get the tanner all over your hands.

Where You Can Buy Isle of Paradise

The two main stores that sell these wonderful products are Sephora and the Isle of Paradise website. I ran to Sephora the second I found out they sold Isle of Paradise and felt like a kid in a candy store. They had all the products that were displayed on the main company website and the workers were very helpful in giving me the product instructions.

If your goal is to look glowing and bronzed, this is the product for you! I have no complaints and have integrated Isle of Paradise into my daily routine. I truly hope you do too!

Sierra Cucciardi is a junior at Penn state majoring in Journalism.