Moving On is Never Easy

Of course it’s going to be hard and take time, after all they’ve been a part of your daily life for as long as you can remember. The important thing to remember is why you need to get over them and that you have to want it enough to actually take the steps towards moving on. Here are a few steps that are crucial to completing your moving on process:

Let yourself be sad. It’s understandable and acceptable to be upset for a while. Just don’t dwell on it. Take your time to let yourself reflect and appreciate what that person gave you and the lessons they taught you. Just because things aren’t working out right now, doesn’t mean that in the future your paths won’t cross again when you’re both more mature and have found yourselves.

Spend time with your friends. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and want to see you grow. Spending time with others will occupy your time and thoughts, helping you not dwell on the person or situation. Spend time doing things that make you happy, even it means doing things alone.

If it helps, unfollow that person from social media. It’s harder to get over someone when you’re constantly seeing their posts. One might see it as petty or childish, but honestly in the long run, you’re doing it to care for yourself. It’s much harder to move on when a person is still in your life.

You have to want it. You have to want to get over someone in order to actually take the steps necessary to get over them. It’ll be hard and you’ll wanna reach out to them and fall back into old ways, but don’t because we all know history tends to repeat itself.

The last step to getting over someone is closure. Talking about how someone made you feel and telling them, can relieve so much of those anxieties about what they’re thinking or the things you wish they knew. It gives you peace of mind and at the end of the day, they’ll know how they made you feel.