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The Most Fashionable Women in Politics

When we think about politics, the last thing that comes to mind is fashion. We think about policy, social issues, and the economy- rightfully so. But, there is an undeniable link between fashion and politics and I believe that we have to acknowledge that. Political figures are some of the most iconic people in fashion while fashion influencers hold so much power in the public eye. 


These four women are not only big names in politics, they are style icons. 

Jackie Kennedy

Don’t get me wrong JFK was powerful, but no one was as powerful as Jackie Kennedy in a pillbox hat. Even before she became the First Lady, Jackie was serving looks in her monochromatic outfits and her elbow-length gloves. Don’t worry, we’re gonna talk about the iconic Chanel suit. Even with the blood stains, that suit is a work of art. 

Grace Kelly

It’s pretty amazing how Grace Kelly became the fashion icon that she is without drowning herself in designer clothes. Grace Kelly was known for her classic and elegant outfits. According to WhoWhatWear, “as classic as her style was, it was far from boring or predictable.”

Hillary Clinton

Work that pantsuit queen. In 2016, if you didn’t want to sport a pantsuit all day long I do not think that we can be friends. We also have to talk about Hillary’s accessories. When her dangling earrings match the pantsuit- pop off queen.  

Melania Trump

When I go to heaven, I hope it looks just like Melania’s shoe closet. I will always believe that Jackie O was the most fashionable first lady, but Melania is definitely giving her a run for her money. I will never forget her Ralph Lauren blue outfit that she wore to President Trump’s inauguration, just wow. 

BONUS: This is a growing list. I am very excited to see where AOC goes in politics and I am just as excited to see what she wears while doing it. 

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