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As this crazy weather continues here in State College (one day it’s 55 and the next it’s flurrying!) we must remember that though it’s technically spring, it’s too early to break out the crop tops and sandals ladies. We’re excited too, but it’s just not that time, yet. We found one inspiration who shows us it is perfectly okay to do you and stand out from the crowd. Having your own style and not complying to the Northface/Ugg combo is a perfect way to bring fashion to the Penn State culture. This week we have a fashionista who is not afraid to be bold. We wanted to feature this fashionista who is prepared for the elements in a playful and creative look, geared towards chillier temperatures but convertible to fluctuating days. 
Name: Meghan St. Clair
Year: Senior
Major: Public Relations
What she is wearing:
Necklace Headpiece: Forever21.com 
jacket: Oldnavy.comaeropostale sweater
thrifted purs from Baghause.com 
Fashion Inspirations: Anything that is bohemian and chic at the same time. I love Jesse Boykins, he is a singer but has such an awesome style!
Fashion Tip: The headpiece that I am wearing is actually a necklace, I just kind of took it apart and put it on my head. My fur collar is actually part of a hood, so I am constantly recycling my clothes into wearing them a different way. 
Fashionista Advice: “Don’t be afraid to wear whatever you want. Just do it.”
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