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The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Chris Harrison

Watching the Bachelor these past few weeks has been WILD. I am unashamed to say that I have watched the past few seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette in their entirety. So, while I am not new to the show, it always amazes me. Something that makes the show great is the constant that is Chris Harrison, the show’s host. 

My friends and I always joke that he's the one who does all the running around behind the scenes to make the show, and drama, what it is. But he honestly deserves more recognition for his commitment to helping these people find love. So here are my reasons why Chirs Harrison deserves a raise: 


1. He’s gotta be tired of it all but he just keeps going 

He’s been the host of the Bachelor since 2002 and the Bachelorette since 2003. He’s got to have seen it ALL. All the drama has got to be draining, I feel emotionally exhausted just watching the show. It seems like drama is literally all he deals with for nothing but weeks at a time because of these shows. Does he not deserve to get compensated for dealing with headaches all year long? If I were him, I’d be constantly yelling at people to get themselves together.

2. He is dedicated to the franchise in every sense 

This man hosts the Bachelor, Bachelorette AND Bachelor in Paradise. Talk about keeping busy. Who else could ABC find that would be that committed to all 3 shows? Nobody.

3. He’s ROCKS his role 

Seeing him come out to say “Everyone, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready.” is the best part of the show. In a world of mayhem, he is a constant for viewers and contestants. He’s really a reliable worker who has an impeccably consistent job performance. Saying the same line every week for full two seasons and he’s still there? ABC does not deserve him. 

4. He’s always there for the Bachelor/Bachelorette through EVERY crisis they have

Someone is breaking down during the final rose? Chris appears out of nowhere to comfort and help them deal with and sort out their emotions. He’s always there for the Bachelor/Bachelorette to turn to when they’re having an internal struggle, a true friend. Sometimes he’s even there to offer them rides. This season, he picked Peter up for the first episode. Talk about going above and beyond. 


5. He helps everyone find love when he deserves love himself!!!

 After my research, I learned that Chris is in fact divorced. He is currently in a relationship and deserves all of our support to be happy. He has offered us so much in so many ways, he deserves something in return, it’s the least we could do. 


Chris Harrison is America’s sweetheart, I would argue, and deserves all of our love. His commitment to his work and role is outstanding. Keep serving America the way you know best, Chris. 

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