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Making Money by Basically Doing Nothing


Everyone has a phone and is on it all the time. But instead of scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, you could be using apps that help you make real legit money. 

Here's a few ways you can do that: 


Taking Surveys 

There are so many survey apps out there that pay you to take surveys and you can cash out like $10. The only annoying thing about taking surveys is that you need to be consistent about taking them to make any money. When you finish a survey you might make less than a dollar but it adds up if you stick with it.

Get Paid to Walk 

Just like survey apps, there are so many apps out there that will give you points for walking that you can cash out once you hit a certain number. I feel like this is the easiest way to make extra money because all you’re doing is literally walking. If anything, it’ll encourage you to be a little more active which is never a bad thing. 

Money for Shopping

We’ve all seen these ads everywhere but there are apps like Honey or Ebates that pay you to shop through their site first. They offer certain amounts of cash back for different stores. So if you were already going to order something on Amazon, why not go through apps like these first and make a little something back. 

Take Pictures of your Receipts

Apps like Ibotta will give you points that you can turn into cash for taking pictures of you receipts. This is an app where you go about your day as you normally would and just take one extra step that’ll help you make you money. 

Sell Things From Your Phone

Everyone has been using apps like Poshmark lately to sell stuff they don’t wear or to buy good quality clothes for cheap. This is a really good way to get rid of stuff you’re not using instead of letting it just piling up in the back of your closet. 

The nice thing about most of these apps is that they pay you for doing stuff that's already apart of your routine or that you’d be doing anyway. Why not make some money off of that while you can? Go get your side hustle on. 


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