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Little Pieces of Awesome: Part 1

Ever have one of those days? You never want to crawl out of bed and every class seems to drag on and on. Perhaps the dining hall ran out of coffee. And creamer. And there are no chocolate chip cookies ready. It’s just a bad day.

Have no fear! Around Penn State, if you look hard enough, there are plenty of things to make you smile, even on the worst of days. Take, for instance, the beautiful weather we get around this time! When the air is cool and the sun is bright, I think I see a smile even on the Willard Preacher’s face.

Well, okay. Maybe that’s going a little too far. But still.

How about the fleet of bikers that ride around every Thursday yelling, “Happy Thursday! Happy Thursday! Hey…Happy Thursday!” (Is it the salutations that make us smile, or the one biker dressed as a gorilla?)

The little piece of happiness pictured above was just too good to pass by without sharing. Written simply on a Post-It note and stuck on one of the main doors of the HUB last Friday evening, it definitely did make me smile. Thank you to whoever it was who put that note up! That Post-It could have very easily said something crude or inappropriate or just plain dumb. But this anonymous friend chose instead to brighten someone’s day. Don’t you just love college?

As we all go forth and survive our own personal Hell Weeks, try to remember…what is it that makes you smile?

You heard her! What kind of things brighten your mood? And, on a related note, have you ever seen the Happy Thursday Gorilla??

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